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Announcements | 2015/11/6 下午 04:09:09 | 2 Views
Partner Portal is a free service of personalized dashboard providing you real-time news and information ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2015/7/31 上午 11:33:16 | 2 Views
BDF becomes ACTi’s Official Regional Distributor in Italy ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2015/3/31 下午 01:34:00 | 2 Views
AGAPESIO France Distribution Announcement ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2015/3/12 下午 03:19:26 | 1 Views
VISE becomes ACTi’s Official Regional Distributor in Italy. ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2014/10/14 下午 03:16:04 | 790 Views
L’accordo con ACTI, consentirà di espandere le potenzialità, l’offerta e la proposizione del distributor. ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2014/10/14 下午 03:11:59 | 749 Views
COMPASS DISTRIBUTION has become the reference point for system integrators, resellers, and installers in the fields of IT, Security and Telecommunications. ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2014/6/16 下午 05:34:12 | 2 Views
ACTi is pleased to unveil the newest 5-megapixel indoor and outdoor hemispheric domes from I Series, I51 and I71, which will amaze you with an unparalleled performance you have never experienced before. ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2014/6/13 下午 03:48:03 | 136 Views
EET Europarts Security division offers not only surveillance cameras and products, but also Video Management Systems and analytic tools to improve customers ROI, and provide numerous business advantages and optimization. With the distribution of ACTi products EET Europarts will further broaden its customer value proposition within the range of security and surveillance solutions. ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2014/2/19 上午 10:40:38 | 3524 Views
Mirasys Ltd., one of the leading suppliers of open platform Video Management and Visual Intelligence Solutions, has accredited ACTi Corporation as its new Platinum Partner. ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2011/12/15 下午 06:42:13 | 6022 Views
ACTi Corporation is pleased to announce the alliance partnership with Xtrails. ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2011/11/22 上午 11:06:01 | 3548 Views
ACTi Corporation is pleased to announce the alliance partnership with Softtera, one of the leading Russian developers of professional software for the monitoring and control of technical security. ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2011/11/16 下午 03:37:07 | 5267 Views
ACTi hereby sincerely invites you to visit our booth at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC) from January 15th to 17th, 2012 ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2011/10/25 上午 10:44:43 | 3917 Views
SKYROS Corporation is glad to announce that from this day VideoNet software (solutions for video security systems) supports ACTi IP-cameras.This spectacular event will allow our clients to have more.. ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2011/10/17 下午 03:51:06 | 3783 Views
ACTi Corporation is pleased to announce the alliance partnership with Huawei Symantec Technologies Co. Ltd. Huawei Symantec deeply integrating with ACTi’s range of megapixel cameras delivers .... ...(Full Article)
Announcements | 2011/10/5 上午 10:48:34 | 3340 Views
GVD making IP easy is hosting the 4th Annual National IP Video Surveillance/Security Seminar – NIPX2011 - in the Red Cow Hotel Dublin on 18th of October & the Silver Springs Hotel Cork on 20th of Oct. ...(Full Article)
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