Project Planner

Welcome to Project Planner
ACTi Project Planner is a set of useful tools that helps you plan an IP surveillance project.
These tools are able to calculate complex data with a few mouse clicks, therefore saving tens of hours of project planning.
  Unified Solution
Product Selector
Choose the Cameras and VMS
This tool helps you easily select your desired products from ACTi entire portfolio of cameras and video management systems.
You can view the specifications of each product and select as many items as you want for comparison.
ACTi Unified Solution Validator
Validate that your selected products are compatible
To ensure that your project has the right ACTi cameras and VMS, use this tool to verify whether your required functions are integrated or not.
Chose the cameras? What's next?
Lens Calculator
Does the lens fulfill the requirements?
Easily calculate the distance to recognize face or license plate.
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Mounting Accessory Selector
What mounting accessories are needed?
Simply choose the suitable mounting accessories for any target surface.
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PoE Switch Selector
Which PoE Switch is suitable?
Help selecting suitable PoE Switch with sufficient power supply.
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Covert Camera Selector
Which covert camera is suitable?
Find the right covert camera for specific market and installation.
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Chose the VMS? What's next?
PC selector
Which PC is suitable for VMS?
Choose the right PC to efficiently operate the VMS and given number of cameras.
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Bandwidth and Storage Calculator
How big storage is needed for VMS?
This tool provides different scenarios to simulate storage plans for easy decision making.
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Hard Disk Selector
Which hard disk is suitable for Standalone NVR?
Efficiently choose the compatible hard disk from ACTi's selection of certified disks.
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Standalone NVR Performance Validator
How smooth can I view the video?
See how Standalone NVR performs with given number of cameras.
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Chose ACTi products? What's next?
Floor Planner
Easily design project layouts and system diagram with visual assistance
Import image file: *.jpg;*.gif;*.png;*.bmp
Export image file: *.bmp;*.pdf
  Open Platform Solution
Third-party Camera Integration Validator
Can my projects be supported by ACTi's VMS?
Check the list of third-party cameras supported by ACTi's NVR products
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Third-party Software Integration Validator
Do ACTi's cameras work with my VMS?
Track the integration status of ACTi's cameras and software partners
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