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How to install it?
0. Installation Manual
1. Download and install "AdobeAIRInstaller.exe"
2. Install Floor Plan Creator V2.1
3. Once the Floor Plan Creator V2.1 is installed, you'll see a butter fly icon on the desktop.
Click it and open the Floor Plan Creator directly.

Most projects come to System Integrators on drawings so the graphical representation of the Field of View is required.

  • Load Floor Plan background image from *.jpg
  • Find the best camera location efficiently.
  • Calculate precise camera lens focal length and viewing angles immediately
  • Real-time Projected View and Sample Screen allow user to simulate the size of viewing object
  • Check the field of view of each camera and find blind spot to increase the security level
  • Export the floor plan drawings with camera positions and camera settings by *.jpg and MS Word, Excel. This supports customer completing their project document efficiently.

If you receive layout drawings of the target area in AutoCAD drawing electronic files (in DWG / DXF format), please follow the following steps to export a proper image for Project Planner.

For users who do not have AutoCAD
Step 1: Download free software "DWG TrueView" from AutoDesk
Step 2: Install TrueView
Step 3: Convert DWG/DXF files from AutoCAD into .JPG or .PNG files
Step4: Import the image into Project Planner and configure the scale ratio

For users who have the full version of AutoCAD
Step 1: Download "AutoCAD to PP2 Converter.fas" from the Project Planner files.
Step 2: Open AutoCAD and load your drawing file
Step 3: Drag and drop the "AutoCAD to PP2 Converter.fas" file into AutoCA
Step 4: Type "PP2" to start converting DWG/DXF files from AutoCAD into .BMP files
Step 5: Import the image into Project Planner

For details, please check "How to use AutoCAD with Project Planner 2" for operating steps.

System Requirement
1. OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1
2. Hardware : Intel Pentium 4, 2.4GHz of faster, 2GB RAM, 2G HD

Special Note?
On "Floor Plan Creator", click "Help" => "Project Planner 2.1", system will direct you to Project Planner homepage.

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