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Welcome to ACTi Project Planner website. ACTi Project Planner is a useful tool which helps you to plan any IP-based project effectively. To design a successful project, you may need to calculate various data which can be critical and intimidating. ACTi can lend a helping hand by providing all necessary tools in each of the below links.

Project Planner
Floor Plan Creator (NEW)
An effective tool comes with the operator screen and an estimation of the effectiveness of the camera placement.

Mounting Accessories (NEW)
This tool assist customer double checking if all accessories of each mounting type are purchased.

Product Selector
Among ACTi's complete IP camera offering, this tool helps you to choose the right model to fulfill any project requirement.

Lens Selector
When better view angle is needed, here is a tool to help you pick a suitable lens from ACTi's accessory offering.

Voltage Calculator
Total power consumption can be easily calculated with simply few clicks.

Switch Selector
PoE switch plays an important role in a project deployment. The tool helps you to select a reliable switch with IEEE 802.3af Class 3 standard.

According to the number of camera, resolution, frame rate, and bit rate setting, this tool helps you get a clear picture with the investment of bandwidth and storage .

PC Selector
An efficient and stable management environment requires a proper PC with sufficient CPU power.
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