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KB20100323001  Published:2010/03/24  Last Update:2011/03/23
ActiveX Control Management and IE Settings
Getting video streams from Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Web-Configurator, you need to have activeX control installed. Not only different platform but also different firmware version has different ActiveX control. Therefore, each camera firmware version has a corresponding activeX control included in it. The first time connecting to a camera from IE Web-Configurator without the ActiveX control installed, you will be asked to install the activeX control by pop-up notification. Therefore, if you want to preview live streams from cameras with different firmware, you should install one activeX control add-on for each different versions of camera firmware. But due to camera firmware compatibility, computer settings and IE settings, you may encounter problems when downloading and installing activeX control.

References: "How to Manually Remove ACTi ActiveX Add-ons"

Reviewed on 2011.03.23:  Updated the part mentioning UAC needed to be disabled under Windows 7.