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Online Support

  • ●  Complete your project's product selection and required calculations with ACTi's project planner.
  • ●  You can use the storage calculator to get a reference storage requirement.
  • ●  Please see the file for bandwidth and storage reference.
  • ●  These are the tools to decrease your support time and increase the problem clarification accuracy.
  • ●  You can use this software to view ACTi's RTSP stream. you can refer to support package TS-00110 for details.
TeamViewer is one of many tools available that allows ACTi tech support team members access to your computer remotely through an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.
Remote access is the commonly used phrase, these remote tools allow ACTi tech support and your computer to meet in "cyberspace" though a secured and encrypted third-party server via the Internet.
TeamViewer will also allow you to share your desktop over any kind of connection and over almost any firewall.
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