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This worldwide technical support policy describes the Support Services we offer to our customers.
 Definition of technical support 
- Our technical support includes a range of services with the objective of solving technical enquiries and issues that arise when employing our surveillance solutions.

- This support does not include Sales related information, such as price enquiries, products and models available, etc. For such questions please contact your  Sales Account Manager.

- On the other hand, we strongly suggest you to go through our  technical documents  before contacting us.
We are constantly updating this database and you can find articles that cover a broad range of topics from the very basics to advanced settings.

 Scope of support 
We agree to provide technical support to our System Integrators and Distributors in order to ensure that our hardware and software both operate in accordance to their documentation. Additionally, we will provide firmware and software version upgrades and content updates (if applicable). Our technical assistance will be provided electronically by our Customer Help Desk or telephone for troubleshooting cases and e-mail for Project Support.

 Limitations and disclaimers 
Microsoft Windows Illegal copies
It’s ACTi’s best interest to provide a high quality technical support and therefore we will make sure that our hardware and software operate properly. However, we do not take any responsibilities regarding those systems that are running under Illegal Microsoft Windows. An illegal copy, out of being illegal and for which you can be held liable (criminally or financially), generates a series of instabilities in your system due to missing components and objects. The before mentioned, might cause installation and operation problems with our software. This is the reason why we won’t take any responsibilities, nor provide any technical support for such cases.

 Type of support 
Presales support
- The surveillance industry works around projects. ACTi, in order to provide a full-coverage technical assistance, has created a solution-oriented department committed to develop surveillance projects covering each project life cycle.

Our Project support services include:
●      Proposal design.
●      Proof of concept.
●      User Acceptance Test.

- Each phase includes professional documentation for the customer and detailed instructions regarding the deployment of such solution offered.

- In some cases, where the solution is complex or customized for the end user, our engineers will even install all the applications required and leave the system running.  Only under these special circumstances the Engineers will proceed with a remote session to install software; however the customer must collaborate by first preparing the adequate environment for the installation (according to the instructions given by the Engineer in charge of the project).

- On the other hand the schedule in which the Engineer will do such procedures is according to a previous arrangement with the customer.  If the customer fails to be online on time, then the Engineer will cancel the session.

Post-sales support
1. Customer Help Desk
- It is a user-friendly platform where you can submit all your technical issues including : hardware/software issues, RMA requests and integration issues.
- In order to provide you a prompt response and precise answers on how to solve your problems, we require you to include as much related information as you can.  This will allow us to clearly define the problem and give you the right answer.

Integration support and third party products

- If we determine that the problem may be related to a product form a vendor with whom we have a cooperative support relationship (ISV partner), then we will collaboratively work with that vendor to address the problem.

- If the issue relates to the third party product, then the third party vendor should resolve that issue.

2. Telephone
- If you have any technical issues that need urgent support, you can contact us by phone to the US offices for America and Canada, and to Taiwan for the rest of the world.

- During the phone call we will ask you to clearly define the problem and may ask you some questions in order to troubleshoot the case.

- Once the case is clarified, the Engineers will proceed to start troubleshooting with you, finally you will be asked to issue a ticket in our CHD platform and add up the results of the procedures instructed by our Engineers.

- The case will be followed up through the Customer Help Desk System.

3. Remote assistance
- Whenever a customer encounters an issue that can’t be solved via CHD, or a case is urgent, our Engineers will provide remote assistance through a Team viewer session. Before such assistance, the customer should first create a request through our CHD platform, state clearly the problem and provide an Account and password (if applies).  

- During this session the Engineer will solve any ACTi-related software or firmware issues. This excludes any sort of installations; therefore the customer should first verify that all the installations have already been done (Operating system, Software, Internet Explorer or Networking equipment). For these installations, the customer may refer to our Knowledge Base articles and Installation guides.  

 Service Schedule 
Our Technical Support schedule is the following:

08:30 – 17:00 for North America and Canada (UTC-8 American Pacific time)

09:00 – 18:00 for the rest of the world (UTC +8 Taiwan time)

For urgent cases that need support out of Office hours, please let us know via CHD or phone and we will assign resources for such circumstances.

 Language support 
Our Technical Support Services are primarily delivered in English.  We may also offer services in Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.

 How to contact us 
For pre sales support please contact your regional Sales Account Manager ,for post sales support please visit our  Customer Help Desk  to let us know your technical issues ,if you prefer you can also contact us by  phone.