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Repair Service

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This document will describe procedures for ACTi Repair Service and explain each step of your repair process for every warranty status.
*Warranty Period is defined by ACTi product family. Please refer to Warranty Policy document.
**ACTi only covers the ground shipping expense of sending the repaired or replaced units back to the customer.
How to request RMA?
  1. Go to CHD (Customer Help Desk) at
  2. Login your case with the problem description, operation environment along with the serial number of each camera in question.
  3. Or use Telephone to reach the local support engineer. Refer to  Contact worldwide.
  4. Remember that you may check your warranty status any time at  ACTi Warranty Status Checking.
  1. Once our Technical Engineer has defined the problem and confirmed the device is defective, a  RMA  number will be given to you.
  2. You will receive an email notification from ACTi where all the devices will be listed with the address where you need to ship them.
  3. If this failure occurs within thirty (30) days since the day of the purchase (proof of purchase required) then a  DOA  number will be given instead. Please refer to  Special notes on DOA.
  1. Secure the merchandise and include the camera itself without taking away any of its part.There is no need to ship back power adapter and accessories if they are not in question.
  2. Note the  RMAnumber (given in the previous stage) on the package or waybill.
  3. Please kindly  use door-to-door express service  to return the devices as soon as possible. The device must arrive at our facility no more than 30 days after the system issued the email with RMA number, so we can start immediately with the repair service.
  1. Once we have received the merchandise, we will send you an e-mail to confirm receipt.
  2. If the device is within warranty and it was found to be defective after examination, the examination fee will be waived.
  3. If the device is found un-repairable, then an alternative model will be suggested for replacement.
  4. If the device is out of warranty, a Purchase Invoice (PI) will be sent to you after examination by technical engineers. This invoice will describe the examination fee and the repair fee if needed. You may decide if you wish to continue the repair process. Please do not take more than 3 weeks to confirm the Repair Invoice. You do not need to provide payment when confirming, only after the unit it repaired.
  1. Once we received the PI Confirmation, we will start with the Repairing Service.
  2. Our Repair Lead Time is about 1 week. We will inform you if there is any delay.
  3. Speed Dome Camera series will take 4 weeks due to its complexity.
  4. Use the initial  CHD#to track the Repair Status under our  Customer Help Desk.
  5. For devices still in warranty, we will notify you of the repair before the next step.
  6. For devices out of warranty, we will inform you once the device is repaired. Once invoice payment is received, the device will be shipped between 2 ~ 4 working days.
  1. Once the devices are repaired, we will confirm the return address with you.
  2. Once you confirmed the address we will proceed with the shipment and will provide you with forwarder information and tracking number.
  3. The repaired or replacement hardware will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or ninety (90) days, whichever is longer.
Special notes on DOA (Dead on Arrival)
DOA Process
  • To qualify for DOA, the first date of contact of this failure must be within thirty (30) days since the day of the purchase (warranty registration at  ACTi website  along with proof of purchase are required).
  • If recommended by ACTi Support to have the merchandise returned for replacement, a DOA number will be given if the merchandise is still within warranty.
  • Securely package the merchandise with all original parts and note the DOA number on the package or waybill.
  • Contact your authorized distributor for a replacement and return the failed merchandise to the distributor with the DOA number.
  • (Distributor-only) Apply for credit return from ACTi with the DOA number
(USA only) Sales Credit Return
Please contact to our Technical Support through our  Customer Help Desk  and we will guide you to apply your Sales Credit Return.
  • DOA: Dead on Arrival
Unit within 30 days of purchase by the installer (proof of purchase required) and is confirmed as Dead by ACTi support.
  • RMA: Return of Merchandise Authorization
Units within warranty that are not functioning correctly - these cases must always be reported to ACTi support by the customer for troubleshooting, ACTi support will advise the customer on the correct procedure to follow.
  • CHD:Customer Help Desk
Customer Help Desk is the entry point of all customer service issues and complaints. Companies often consolidate all branches of customer service into one portal, and call them Customer Help Desk for ease of access.
  • Door-to-door Express Service
It refers to transport or shipping arrangement to ensure direct flow of goods from the exporter to the importer (or from the point-of-origin to the point-of-sale) with a minimum of interruption and delay. This includes service companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL and many other agencies.